So things have been pretty hectic lately and this blog has fallen to the bottom of our priorities…

(I’m not joking)

It all started with a month of skating with the Xsjado team. After being injured for months, it was an incredible feeling to get back on the blades again. And who could ask for a better crew to blade with!? Farmer, Stockwell, JC, PJ and Negrete came and conquered the streets of Barcelona. Stay tuned for the new Xsjado XXXXXXXXX…

(There’s never a shortage of documentation at the Powerhouse)

Unfortunately, my time with Xsjado was cut a bit short. Fortunately it was for a trip to Kiev, Ukraine with Nick Lomax. Nick killed it, winning both contests. Ukraine was a brilliant trip, filled with new friends, tons of blading, great spots, great hospitality, ten million autographs and more stunning babes than I’ve ever seen in my life.

(Congrats Nick)

Next up was BCN Extreme. Every square inch of the forum was covered in advertisements and out of control hucker 900s. Well a few anyways. Most of the blading was pretty rad though. They filmed us for TV with a remote control helicopter and I had my first experience with fans making signs for me. “Come on Richie!”. I’m not sure if it was for encouragement or something like “c’mon Richie you can do better.”

(Here’s my long-time friend, and fellow Canadian: Kevin Chow, still holding it down in his 30s.)

Right now I’m in Canada to celebrate my brother’s wedding. The kid’s a legend. I got to spend a lot of time with family and had a much needed break from the chaos of the Powerhouse. Eight months without any solid time to myself has taken it’s toll. A few times I rode my bike to the park and laid in the grass for hours, doing absolutely nothing. I think this visit/period of rest has saved me from a nervous breakdown.


But everything is about to get crazy again. Tomorrow I fly to Denmark to reconnect with Dustin and Freddy and Jojo and a dozen other friends for Roskilde Festival. This is a trip I have been anticipating for years. And right smack in the middle of Roskilde, I’ll be turning 30! THIRTY! It seems most people dread getting older. Especially landmark birthdays like this one. I don’t think that way. I’m really excited to step into the next level.

(This is my late grandfather, Richard the 1st. His face is on your wheels – if you’re smart. Getting cooler as you age runs in the family.)

So anyways, after Roskilde I’ll be taking my old-man self to Sweden to shoot some more with Fred Andersson. For those who don’t know, Fred’s dad runs one of the nicest indoor parks in the world. Fred and I will work on a park edit and I’ll try to find some quiet time to finish his street section.

(Special guest! Will this increase my chances of finding a Swedish wife?)

After that it’s off to Switzerland to shoot with Nic Schopfer. Dom West will be meeting up with us and we’ll be at High in the Park in Bulle. And then, finally, back to Barcelona. All told, that’s two solid months away from the house. And I needed it. Have you ever lived with a constantly changing group of 5-10 dirty rollerbladers? When we’re not tumbling around the streets, breaking ribs and fighting cops, we’re laying in the dirt to get that perfect shot, or cleaning up after grown-ass men. “Can’t you do more?”

(Fred’s edit is gonna be freshhhhhh)

But it’s fun. Most of the time.

(See you again July 20, Barcelona!)